Performance is not only genetics but moreover management like food quality, oxygen levels, etc.

Males grow faster with lower FCR.  For more information on the growth rates of the NMT™ strains , please click here.

Which NMT™ strain is ideal for whole fish or filleting?

Our Red NMT™ is used for sales in the whole fish and live fish markets. Best consumption size is 250 – 500 grams.  Above 500 grams and for filleting we suggest our Black NMT™ which grow faster than the Red NMT™ after 350 grams and has an excellent shape for fillet.

How are the fish transported?

By air.  Noa Fisheries ships swim-up fry in 60x40x35cm boxes (freight weight 14 Kg). We can pack up to 10,000 swim-up fry per box.

Why Organic Tilapia?

Many consumers are demanding that their fish be hormone free and grown using sustainable methods.   NMT™ can be perceived as a better and healthier choice by consumers.  NMT™ fry/fingerlings are Organic Certifiable under the Canadian Standard.

The Canadian Organic Seafood Standard was released on May 10, 2012.


This standard states that if organic animals are not commercially available, stock from non-organic hatcheries may be used, provided that at least the final 90% of biomass gain occurs while the animals are under continuous organic management.  ie: a non-organic fish bought at 40 g, and raised organically, must weigh at least 400 g before being considered organic.

Organic and hormone free command a higher price and will give you a competitive advantage.  You can achieve organic certification raising our hormone free all male tilapia fry/fingerlings.