about-thumbnailAt Noa Fisheries we supply all male tilapia fry and fingerlings, cultured in a sustainable and ecological manner, avoiding hormone treatments resulting in a completely natural process for production (NMT™).

The unique and innovative hormone free technology coupled with a successful breeding program uses two different lines to guarantee quality: one for YY-strains and one for female production. The cross of these two lines provides an excellent performing end-product (NMT™) due to the heterosis effect.


The end result
is fish that are:

  • Less prone to disease
  • Faster growing
  • Without genetic disorders (malformations)
  • Without inbreeding

Organic Tilapia

Many consumers are demanding that their fish be hormone free and grown using sustainable methods. NMT™ can be perceived to be better, and healthier by consumers.

Canada released the organic standard for fish in May 2011. Organic and hormone free command a higher price, and will give you a competitive advantage.

You can achieve organic certification raising our hormone free all male fingerlings.